Pipe Fittings

Hydraulic Flanges are connection between hoses or seamless tubes where easy removal is required with in close quarters in the piping systems.
Hydraulic Flanges are mainly used for Bigger sizes of tubes in NB ( Nominal Bore ) sizes.
Hydraulic Flanges are used in bigger sizes of Piping joints Where Nut & ferrule assembly is not possible due to higher in Hex section sizes & High torgue require to tighetened / Grip the ferrule in to the tube & lead to loose the joints at High pressure application. In such cases the usage of Flanges with Butt weld or Socket weld has been found to be more practical leading to compact piping installation.

Further , the orientation of Hydraulic Flanges joints can be so done to minimize the distance between pipes and provide for a compact installation.

TongKang producce various hydraulic flanges according to customer requirements

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