Pipe Fittings

Quality Control Process

Technology: We produce high quality fittings with the adoption of the most advanced technologies in the world now!
Inspection: With a complete set of inspection facilities to execute chemical analysis, mechanical inspection, NDE (including U T, MPI,X-ray), and Hydrostatic testing, etc, we can guarantee the quality as per clients’ requirements!
Quality Management: With the thorough implementation of such quality assurance systems as ISO 9001 and TS, we have been carrying out design, research and production in a proper way.
Re-inspection of incoming raw materials: In parallel with the review of raw materials certificate issued by supplier, we execute chemical and mechanical inspections for quality verification.
Visual inspection for semi-finished products:
Appearance or surface of fittings in each procedure shall be inspected. In case of any deformation or damage found on a certain item, it shall be rejected
Dimensional inspection: After verification of material grade, raw materials shall be subjected to dimensional inspection as per the relevant specification.
Traceability: From semi-finished products to finished products, good traceability shall be kept.
Identification: Color coding shall be applicable to denote different material grades
Random check for semi-finished products: For each procedure, one random check for semi-finished products shall be available
NDE: MPI shall be applicable to each pc of elbows, reducers, and seamless tees made by cold forming method. 100% RT shall be done on weld seam of welded fittings. Other NDE tests shall be as per clients’ demand and all NDE tests shall only be executed after heat treatment.
Visual inspection or finished products: each pc of finished fittings shall be subjected to visual inspection as per the relevant specifications.
Size & Angle: Sizes and angles for each pc shall be checked as per relevant tolerance ranges
Material grade verification: Good traceability and color coding shall be made full use of in this regard.
Markings: Correct markings shall be made on finished fittings by stamping or electroetching.


Carbon & sulfur analysis
Impact test
Low temperature groove
Room temperature tensile test
V-notch projector
Alloy analysis
Chemical analysis
High temperature tensile test
Metallographic analysis
Fixed fluorescent magnetic test (MT)
Movable fluorescent magnetic test (MT)
Ultrasonic test (UT)

Wall thickness test
Size inspection
Hardness test
Penetrant test (PT)
Direct reading spectrometer (PMI)
Radiograph film viewing

Q/A Measures

1、All quality documents shall be performed according to ISO9001:2000 system and special security equipment manufacturers registration requirements.
2、Relevant personnel shall fully communicate with clients for the understanding and agreement of states and environment of raw material, process, packing, transportation and delivery.
3、During the production, products can be manufactured independently, and " Quality Assurance Program " also can be established together with clients.
4、Raw material shall be purchased from our approved raw material suppliers, if exceeds the range, the relevant qualification procedures must be approved by ourselves at first.
5、If the raw material suppliers are appointed by clients, the relevant qualification procedures shall be qualified and approved by HYPF and clients together.
6、All incoming raw material shall be re-inspected, and all unqualified raw material shall be rejected before entering into the manufacturing process.
7、" Inspection Specification " shall be strictly performed during the production, and all semi-finished  products shall be inspected according to the relevant requirements of " three inspection system ".
8、Quality Records and " Process Flow Cards " shall be fulfilled during the production in order to ensure the traceability available.
9、Technology department shall ensure the measuring tools and manufacture equipments in the excellent status, and also ensure all tools, equipments and moulds can meet the requirements of process technology.
10、Final products shall be inspected as per relevant standards and specifications before storage, and all final products in storage shall be 100% accepted.
11、Marking shall be made as per the requirements of corresponding contracts or standards.
12、Detailed inspection and shipping plan shall be submitted to clients before delivery, to ensure the package meet the requirements, and delivery safely and quickly.

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