Pipe Fittings

    As a professional pipe fittings and pipe flange manufacturer for pressure vessels and industrial pipelines, Shanghai TongKang Pipe Fittings Co.,LTD is an ISO 9001:2008,PED/97/23/EC certified company .Main product  include to carbon steel , stainless steel & alloy steel flange acc to  ANSI B16.5,ANSIB16.47DIN 2630, JIS etc , forged pipe fittings etc acc to ANSI B16.11,BS3799,MSS SP-83,MSS SP-97 JIS B2316 etc,butt weld pipe fittings acc to ANSI B16.9, DIN 2605-1/2,DIN 2615,EN 10253-1/2/3 &JIS B2311, MSS SP-43, ASME B16.9 etc.  and we also manufacture non standard flange and fittings according to custom drawings, technical  parameters and photoes .

All Kinds of Flanges Forged Pipe Fittings
Welding neck, slip on , socket weld , threaded, lap joint, blind, 
spectacle, orifice,ring and long welding neck flanges.
SIZE: 1/2 inch-72 inch
ASTM A234- WP12, WP11, WP15, WP22, WP1, WP5, WP9, WP91 
Forged Socket Weld Fittings
socket weld elbow ,socket weld tee, socket weld cross ,socket weld cap,  socket weld union ,socket Reducers Inserts , swage Nipple and bull plugs
Forged Threaded Fittings
threaded elbow , threaded tee , threaded cross , threaded cap, threaded  union , Threaded plugs and Bushings
Butt Weld Pipe Fittings Olets
Butt weld Elbow 45degree & 90degree Long Radius &Short Radius
Butt weld Straight Tees & Reducing Tees
Butt weld Concentric Reducers & Eccentric Reducers
Butt weld End Caps from 1/2 inch to 72nch
Butt weld Bend 2D 3D, 4D, 5D etc.
sockolet, weldolet,threadolet, nipolet, latrolet,elbowlet etc

   The Company  has  a number of machinery professional technical person and experienced sales team Technology developing, Inspection, Logistics etc ,Strong technical force, the full capacity of processing equipment,  owns  sets of machinery equipments and  testing equipments, 10 various elbow forming machines, 20 numercal control lathes, 10  drilling machine and hydraulic press machines ,press forging equipments and high-speed numerical control machining equipments including 2000t and 500t hot-forging machines, presses and intermediate-frequency induction heated furnaces etc. The company can independently develop products to meet special requirements of clients. It also has complete detection equipment, and can monitor quality of raw materials, semi-products, and finished products in full process. Products are widely used for Petroleum Industry, nature gas, fertilizer, Electronic Power , metallurgical ,shipbuilding, food, paper making, Pharmaceuticals, city Building. etc.
    The company  shall carry on a series of relative  test according to company process or customer requirement , for eaxample: technology Inspection, quality management , Re-inspection of incoming  raw material, Visual inspection for semi-finished products,Dimensional inspection,Traceability,Identification,Random check for semi-finished products,Visual inspection or finished products, relevant tolerance range check of Size & Angle ,Material grade verification,Mill Test Certificate  according  to customer order ,  ensure  we  provide superior  reliable quality products  and  excellent service  to  our customers from all over the world, Through our constant efforts, we have cooperated  with many domestic and foreign customers , like  USA , Canada,Brazil , Colombia , Australia ,mid east (UAE ,Palistan, Kuwait etc), Italy , Nigeria ,Malaysia, Thailand , Vietnam, Korea , Indonesia , India  etc . 

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