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Stainless Steel SAE Weld Flange

SAE B CS flange
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Stainless Steel SAE Weld Flange Manufacturer TongKang supplies.Material of 304,316,are used for Construction, engineering machinery ,marine, special vehicles and etc.

  Specifications / Features

SAE Flanges

We are engaged in offering a wide range of flanges & union the are designed from high grade material and are
suitable for various industrial applications. They are fabricated in the following forms.

Ø Split Flanges. -
They are manufactured in as per the mounting dimensions ranges up to SAE J518 specifications and code 61 or code 62,
 and ISO 6162. They have a socket weld NPTF and SAE straight thread connections and are available as reducers.


· MOC: Low Carbon Steel, S.S.304 & S.S.316 Forged or Plate
· Available with either inch or metric threads.
· Fittings are available with straight sizes: 1/2"NB to 6"NB
· Used for pipe and tubing

Ø Union Flanges -
We offer a range of union flange that are used in many industries and are manufactured from high grade raw material.

· Easy to install
· Efficient with bolt-hole alignment
· Versatile can be used under or above ground; usable with abrasive materials
· Corrosion resistant
· Used for flange
· Reliable based on proven design principles
· Prevents delays during assembly

Ø Socket weld Flanges -
Socket Weld Flanges are similar to slip-on flanges, however, socket welds have an internal recess on the inside diameter to allow for a smoother flow of the process fluid. The positive of this is that is creates a smooth bore with the proper welding and grinding. They are durable and are available with varied specifications.

Ø Threaded Flanges.-
Threaded Flanges offered by us are used for extraordinary circumstances and can be place with the pipe without welding. Sometimes a seal weld is also used

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